Since 1852, Mercy Hospital has provided highly skilled, compassionate care for moms-to-be; and, that tradition of excellence is continued with the state-of-the art Family Birth Center.

The Family Birth Center at Mercy is a unique, full-service facility that offers leading-edge care in a comfortable, nurturing setting. The center provides private birthing suites, access to skilled physicians (including those that specialize in high-risk patients), licensed midwives, natural childbirth specialists, lactation consultants and multi-lingual staff members.

The Center’s state-of-the-art 9-LDR suite consists of 3 triage, 3 recovery rooms, 3 antepartum and 20 postpartum rooms. The Pre-Birth arm of the Center is dedicated to the care of high-risk patients such as those with hypertension, diabetes, seizure disorders, and asthma.

The Family Birth Center was recently featured in a series of advertisements throughout Chicago. Explore the Family Birth Center at Mercy.