The relationship between residents and faculty is a key element of any residency program. At Mercy, residents benefit from teaching physicians who are exceptionally knowledgeable, continually practicing evidence-based medicine, and also approachable, supportive and adept at active coaching.

The combination of our highly skilled and dedicated physicians and an extremely diverse clinical population helps graduates of the Mercy OB/GYN residency program gain a deep understanding of all aspects of obstetrics and gynecology.

There are over 30 teaching attendings for the Mercy residency program. Subspecialties represented are: Maternal Fetal Medicine, Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, Gyn-oncology, and Urogynecology. A team of experienced Nurse Practitioners, Certified Nurse Midwives, Lactation Consultants and Research Specialists provide further instruction and support for the residents.

“The Awesome Value of the Mercy Residency”
Dr. John Paul Estrada (Attending Faculty)

Cheryl Wolfe, MD, FACOG


John Picken, MD

Assistant Chair

John Patterson III, MD, FACOG

Program Director

Cordia Clark-White, MD, FACOG

Associate Program Director

Sharon Handlesman, MD, PhD, FACOG

Director, Student Clerkship & OB Service

Michelle Albovias, MD

Director, Departmental Informatics

Dr. Martin Balin

Martin Balin, MD, PhD

Director, REI

Dr. Judy Sun

Judy Sun, MD

Director, Uro-Gynecology /Minimally Invasive

Dr. Luis Garcia

Luis Garcia, MD

Director, Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Diane Yamada, MD

Director, GynOncology

Rohitkumar Vasa, MD

Director of Neonatalogy

Kendal Freeman, MD, FACOG

Director, OB-Gyn Clinic and Colposcopy

Ruth Dubyel, DO

Director, Gyn Service and Simulation Lab

Additional Attendings

  • Patricia Boatwright, MD
  • Donald Chatman, MD
  • Julia Cormano, MD
  • John Paul Estrada, MD (Video)
  • Ramon Flores, MD
  • Alfreda Hampton, MD
  • Teresa Hubka, DO
  • Kathy Jones, MD
  • Mark Kosanovich, MD
  • Nita Lee, MD
  • Patrick Michel, MD
  • Fernando Perego, MD
  • Dona Perry, MD
  • Yuhang Shek, MD
  • Meaghan Tenney, MD
  • Nicole Williams, MD
Certified Nurse Midwives
  • Megan Beleavia,CNM
  • Lori Beyer, CNM
  • Caitlyn Couture, CNM
  • Julie Leung, CNM
  • Yang Xue, CNM
  • Lisette Zermano, CNM
OB/GYN Nurse Practitioners
  • Franchesca Hammond, NP
  • Abigail Morrow, NP
Lactation Consultants
  • Martha Ramirez, CLC
  • Theresa Harney, RN, CLC
Research Support
  • Roger Dimitrov, Department Bio-Statistician
  • Catherine Meyer, Research Coordinator