Mercy attracts a diverse group of residents from across the country and all have a wide range of interests and come from a variety of backgrounds. In addition to the exposure to a wide assortment of clinical cases, our residents consistently cite the family atmosphere and friendships they form during their residency, as well as the relationships developed with the attendings as a highlight of the program. During a recent survey of residents, every respondent reported being “highly satisfied” with the Mercy residency program. Check out what some of our past residents are doing now!

Current Residents – 2017 - 2018

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First-Year Residents
Eileen Bui

Hey everyone! My name is Eileen and I was born and raised in Virginia where I also completed medical school at Virginia Tech. In my short time here, I’ve loved my time in the city and really enjoyed serving the population at Mercy. In my free time I run along the lake shore, eat, rock climb, eat, and run! Thanks for taking a look at our program and hope to work with you soon! 🙂

Tischelle Gatlin
Hey y’all! My name is Tischelle and I am from Louisiana (Geaux Tigers!) .  I went to  medical school at  LSUHSC- Shreveport. I am really excited about starting  this new chapter of my life here at Mercy. After my  residency interview, I knew that Mercy Hospital and Medical Center  was the place for me. I wanted to  train in a program committed to the underserved patient population with a warm and welcoming, teaching environment. Mercy is exactly that. I’m really looking forward to the next four years and all of the opportunities that awaits me.

 In my spare time, I love spending time with friends and family and anything outdoors

Jennica Hagberg
Hey, my name is Jennica, and I’m from a small beach town in Florida.  After spending most of my life in the south and attending medical school at Florida State University, I was interested in a change of scenery for residency.  I fell in love with the city of Chicago after visiting a few years ago, and am very excited to be at Mercy Hospital and in Chicago!  What attracted me the most to Mercy was its supportive learning environment, close relationships between residents and attendings, and diverse patient population.  So far, my experience at Mercy has been very positive, and I am confident that Mercy will prepare me to be a great OB/GYN.  In my spare time, I enjoy playing volleyball, going to the beach, and watching sports.  I am excited to experience all of the outdoor activities, culture, and great food Chicago has to offer!
Caitlin Rogers
Hi everyone! My name is Caitlin Rogers. I am originally from Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plain. I was fortunate to explore Mercy Hospital during my clinical rotations as a medical student. This is the place that inspired me to choose obstetrics and gynecology. The volume of deliveries, ability to manage high-risk patients, and surgical exposure this program has to offer is incredible. I am truly honored and excited to be apart of this team for the next four years! Outside of residency, I like to exercise, hang out with friends, play with my dog but most importantly, I like to sleep! I love this city and all of the great things it has to offer. Looking forward to working hard and having a fun throughout my residency training here at Mercy Hospital and Medical Center.
Second-Year Residents
LaChanda Dunlap-Wright
I’m what you would call a Southern Belle. Born in Alabama, raised in Texas, medical school in Georgia and not too particularly fond of cold weather.  Although it’s cold here in the beautiful Windy city, there is no other place I would rather be to train than at Mercy Chicago. The diverse learning opportunities and patient population made the decision to attend Mercy a no brainer. When not at the hospital I love spending time with my husband and our two girls. On the weekends here in Chicago, no matter the weather, you can find us at the pitch (soccer field). I enjoy traveling, eating good food, SLEEPING, coffee, wine, great TV shows (G.O.T, The Wire, Insecure, HTGAM, etc), long walks with no bugs, fantasy shopping, and having a good time.
Maya Rolfe

Hello! I am from Wichita, Ks, born and raised and have always wanted to practice OB/GYN since I was a kindergartner.  I come from a family of entrepreneurs, however my eyes were always set on “delivering babies”.  Now that I look back, I had no idea how complex and amazing this field is and now realize that being an OB/GYN is not just my “job” but a calling on my life to serve and support others.  While obtaining my MPH, I knew that I wanted to practice in a low-income area and community. After learning about Mercy Hospital, I made it my goal to make sure that I made Mercy my home.  After my interview and meeting the faculty and residents, I knew that Mercy was a place that I would be able to thrive and receive training that would prepare me for my future.  Besides medicine, I love to explore the city of Chicago, outdoor activities, travelling the world, and enjoy time with family and friends.

Jessie Simmon
Hello! My name is Jessie. Im originally from Downeast Maine and then later moved to Michigan for college/graduate school. I eventually headed to the Caribbean for my medical academics and then found my way to Chicago. It is an honor to be here at Mercy. I pursued this program for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost however, it was the patient population that drew me to this program. To have the privilege of serving this community makes this program such a rich and meaningful experience. At the end of each day, I can truly reflect and realize that it is my patients who do so much more for me than I could ever do for them.  And, the fact that Mercy is located in Chicago is really quite a bonus. I love exploring all the restaurants here along with museums, concerts and shops during the downtime. It’s an quite an extraordinary place. When I’m not at work or exploring, I enjoy reading about astronomy, trying my hand at cooking new recipes, hanging out with my cat and being nerdy about space 🙂
Amy Smolucha

Hello! My name is Amy, and I am originally from the Chicago suburbs. I went to Purdue University (Boiler Up!) where I majored in Biology and Spanish and continued on to medical school at St George’s University in Grenada. I enjoy a variety of activities outside the hospital from running on the lakefront, yoga, and hiking to cooking, beer fests, and Portillos! I’m an avid Chicago sports fan and love getting the opportunity to go to games whenever I can. Go Cubs! (Sorry Dr Patterson) I chose Mercy because of it’s high acuity patients, it’s dedication to teaching, and the wonderful faculty and staff. I can’t wait to see what the next few years have in store!

Third-Year Residents
Aaron Rosen
Aaron Rosen

Hi guys!  My name is Aaron and I’m originally from a little beach town outside of Los Angeles.  I went to undergrad at UC Santa Barbara (Go Gauchos!), grad school at Georgetown, and medical school at Albany Medical College.  I ended up in Chicago because I loved my interview at Mercy and it’s hard to hate on Italian beef sandwiches/deep dish pizza.  When I’m outside of the hospital I love cooking fancy stuff for my wife, movies, sarcasm, and sports.  Chicago has so much culture, some great restaurants, and tons to do so I already know I’m in for an awesome four years.  I’m excited about the friendships we’re already forming here and all the experience and teaching we get at Mercy.  I’m not giving up my Lakers jersey any time soon, but looking forward to calling Chicago home for the future.

Judith Brown
Judith Brown

Hello!  My name is Judith Brown.  I was born in the UK, went to high school in Nigeria, and have lived State side for more than half of my life now!  I graduated from University of Texas at Austin with a doctorate in pharmacy and after many years working as a pharmacist, I decided to pursue my passion to become an OB/GYN.  I can’t think of a better place to fulfill that dream than Mercy hospital. It felt like home from the very first time I stepped into the hospital.  I am very excited to be part of this new family and I hope to invest in its future.  Outside of medicine, I enjoy spending lots of time with my daughter (whom I consider to be my sidekick!), my family and friends, discovering new cultures and food, listening to reggae music, watching murder/mystery movies and traveling.   Well, it seems Chicago is just right for me!

Shakese Hudley
Shakese Hudley

I was born and raised in the Mile City of Denver, CO where I had two loving parents that encouraged me to make a commitment to learn, grow, and accept responsibility. I come from a family of six children, where I am the third child; as you can imagine, there was never a dull moment in my household.   Early on, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in medicine. As a first generation college student, I attended Tuskegee University (TU), majoring in biology and eventually earning a M.S in Food and Nutritional Sciences. It was at TU, that my interest for Women’s Health was cultivated. I attended Southern Illinois University School of Medicine for my medical training and thought it best to pursue residency programs in the Chicago area. I was drawn to Mercy for a myriad of reasons including: the underserved and relatively young patient population, high volume of obstetric cases, opportunity for mentorship, and the overall warm, congenial personalities of the residents. I am so honored to have joined the Mercy Family and I look forward to the next four years. In my free time I enjoy relaxing, eating, and spending time with friends and family.

Janet Cruz (Real picture pending)

My name is Janet Cruz. I was born and raised in a small suburb outside of Chicago. I received my under grad at Butler University and I’m a graduate of UIC medical school. During undergrad and medical school, i spent most of summers in south and central America volunteering at below poverty clinics. I chose Mercy, because i loved the hospital’s family atmosphere, and of course to be close to my family.  On my free time, I enjoy driving to the suburbs to spend time with my nieces and nephews.

Fourth-Year Residents
Ruth Lee, D.O.
Ruth Lee, D.O.

I was born and raised in Chicago, never left and attended Loyola University Chicago for undergrad and went to medical school at Midwestern University. I joined the Mercy OBGyn family in 2014 excited and ready to help patients from my hometown. Before residency, I worked as a barista and art director for local artists at a cafe/pool hall in Rogers Park while tutoring CPS (Chicago Public Schools) students, volunteering at the Children’s hospital when it was still in Lincoln Park, and traveling whenever I had the free time and funds to do so. I love trying new restaurants all over Chicago and visiting the many different “pocket” neighborhoods that make up this great city. I can spend hours shooting pool which has been an addiction of mine since I was 16. I also love hiking, camping, and yoga. At home, I have my three “kids” meaning two cats and a dog who are awesome!

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Karissa Cryer, D.O.
Karissa Cryer, D.O.

Hi there, my name is Karissa and I’m from the small town of Farmersville, Tx. I first fell in love with Chicago when I was in college attending Texas A&M University. I traveled here when I was working for the football team as an athletic trainer. I knew then that someday I would want to live here. I attended medical school at the University of North Texas Health Science Center, Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine in Fort Worth, Tx. I was very excited to match to Mercy Hospital! I felt so comfortable on my interview and the environment felt very inviting; everyone I spoke with was greeting, hospitable and very nice. Mercy has excellent attending physicians and is a great teaching institution, and in four years, I know I will become a great Obstetrician/Gynecologist. I am also a member of the US Air Force, and after completion of residency, I will serve on an Air Force base (location to be determined). Chicago was the perfect place for me; I love being outdoors and active, eating amazing food at the great restaurants Chicago has, and I love all the sports teams and events Chicago has to offer, not to mention the MUSIC in this city! Overall, I am very happy and look forward to working hard while having fun for 4 years!

Ashley Scott, D.O.
Ashley Scott, D.O.

My name is Ashley Scott and I am from the exciting state of Indiana (hopefully you can sense my sarcasm). I am so excited to be starting this new chapter in my life as a resident at Mercy! Growing up I knew I wanted to be a doctor and as a medical student at University of Illinois at Chicago I fell in love with the field of obstetrics and gynecology. The residents, faculty and staff at Mercy have become my second family and I look forward to learning from these amazing people for the next 4 years. The patient population is diverse and there are plenty of learning opportunities. Residency definitely keeps me busy but in my spare time I love hanging out with friends and spending time with my husband and our three kids. Shopping, shopping and shopping are among my favorite hobbies and there are plenty of great places in and around the city. I also enjoy traveling and baking. Choosing Mercy has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made and I look forward to the personal and professional growth that awaits me!

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Anisha Sarma, D.O.
Anisha Sarma, D.O.

Hey! My name is Anisha Sarma and I hail from Sunny California! I went to UC Berkeley for undergrad, and I attended Touro University-California for medical school. Needless to say, I had been in the Bay Area my entire life, and decided I needed a change for residency! The Mercy OB/GYN residency family is a supportive environment to learn and grow, and I am so excited to see how we grow and develop through the course of our residency training.

For fun, I love to cook, eat at restaurants….basically, I love food. In addition, I love to go to concerts and listen to music. I am so lucky to live in a city full of art, nightlife, and culture; I am definitely never bored!